GeoTask™ System for Transport Infrastructures

The Standard in Operation and Maintenance for Transport Infrastructure

Central parts of the Swiss national road network are maintained with the GeoTask™ system.
The system architecture of the GeoTask™ System descends from work we have done for

  • the North Rhine-Westphalia road database with 2,220 km of motorways, 4,450 km of federal roads and 14,100 km of state and district roads, as well as around 13,000 civil engineering structures,
  • the door-to-door timetable of the Swiss Federal Railways and
  • in civil aviation to structure data flows for feeding the autopilots of scheduled airlines with route and airport approach data.

Rest assured: The GeoTask™ system works perfectly also for the operation and maintenance of your transport infrastructure!

Exactly the Data You Need

Around half a million maintenance works have to be carried out on the motorways of north-western Switzerland between Basel, Zurich and Bern.
With the GeoTask™ system you can get even such complex infrastructures under control.
Your employees are well informed and know that they are doing the right thing.

The GeoTask™ system helps you to standardize the service cycle. You define your object structure and activities. The GeoTask™ system creates an application for you that makes sure nothing is forgotten:

  • Operational and Safety Systems (OSS)
  • Civil engineering structures such as bridges and tunnels
  • Protective structures against natural hazards
  • Vehicle restraint systems
  • Green space maintenance
  • Safety woodwork
  • Cleaning and drainage
  • Telecommunication systems and cable lines
  • Service area facilities
  • Roads and tracks
  • Stations and stops
  • Aviation facilities
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