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Imagine that your information system is already developed and you can concentrate fully on your core tasks. This is how you feel with BryteCube from Condesys Consulting.

«Mission Completed»

Condesys Consulting builds systems for the management of infrastructures and environmental processes. Our systems support central functions in transport, energy and water supply, telecommunications and environment for our cities, regions and the whole country. Even the most complex tasks do not distract us from our goal of providing our customers with easily usable solutions with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Our product BryteCube is an application generator that automates IT architecture and IT engineering. This enables our customers to save up to 80% of their development costs for inventory and task management in space and time. Thanks to its generic design, the range of applications for BryteCube is already amazingly broad shortly after its market launch, from wildlife observation, construction coordination, maintenance of high-performance roads and medical quality assurance to the management of electricity networks.

In 1992 we outlined our vision of space-time networked information flows with an "extraterrestrial-like" multimedia GIS prototype.

«A presentation system in which all relevant facts can be queried in an explorative way … all the relevant inventories are georeferenced in a GIS, well described in the database and illustrated with pictures or short video sequences» (GIS World 8/1994)

BryteCube makes this vision a reality for all public and private "space-time managers".

Fact Sheet

  • Core competence: Integration of space and time information in organizations and business processes
  • Unique selling proposition: Automation of complex IT engineering services for a sensational cost-benefit ratio
  • Foundation 2004 in Basel
  • Registered office in Rubigen (BE), Switzerland
  • Geschäftsleitung Dr. Martin Huber und Dr. Andrea Melber
  • 5 employees. We have vacancies, please contact us.

Service portfolio

Automation of IT Engineering for Information Systems with Space and Time Data in BryteCube


  • Environmental Data Cadastre of the National Administration of Liechtenstein
  • Information System Road Maintenance NSNW (National Roads Northwest Switzerland)
  • Maintenance AfBN (Gotthard national roads)
  • Network Information System EMAG (electricity)
  • Planning and construction coordination City of Bern
  • Medical quality assurance in the «RemiPCA SAFE Network»

IT Architecture for Information Systems with Space and Time Data


  • ArArchitecture Asset Lifecycle Management Swisscom
  • Architecture Street Information Bank North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Architecture network administration and lifecycle management for local and regional electricity suppliers
  • Solution architectures and specifications for geoinformation systems for urban, regional and state administrations

System Implementations


  • Fibre optic planning and project management system Swisscom
  • Interoperability Alarm centre canton Solothurn
  • Canton of Bern Water Information System


Dr. Martin Huber

Managing Director (President)

Geographer and Computer Scientist, Pioneer, Innovator and Implementer in Space-Time Data Management

Geography studies and dissertation University of Basel (1985 - 1994)

  • Diploma thesis: Modelling of spatio-temporal data (1990)
  • Dissertation: Modelling of landscape ecological processes (1994)

International consulting work for IBM (1990 - 93) & University of Bern (1994-95)

Postdoc in the database laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique Lausanne EPFL (1996-98)

  • Research on the integration of geographical data into standard IT
  • Teaching position Databases

Start-up foundation GeoTask AG in Basel (1998), sale (2004)

Foundation of Condesys Consulting GmbH in Basel (2004)

Lectureship "GIS-Interoperability" at the University of Salzburg within the framework of the UNIGIS Master since 2005


Dr. Andrea Melber

Managing Director

Anaesthetist, medical organizational consultant, simulation trainer and head of the international medical quality assurance network «RemiPCA Safe Network»

Study of human medicine, Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg (1985-92)

Doctorate and training specialist in anaesthesia (1992-2000)

  • Assistant doctor positions in Germany (University Hospital Charité, Berlin), England (Medway Hospital, Kent) and Switzerland (University Hospital Inselspital Bern)
  • Aprobation as a doctor (1994)
  • Doctorate "Doctoris medicinae" Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg (1995)
  • Specialist in anaesthesiology (2000)
  • European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (DEAA) (2002)

Clinical practice

  • Assistant, specialist and senior physician in anaesthesiology and pain therapy, University Hospital Inselspital Bern (1999-2008)
  • Specialist in anaesthesiology, Salem-Spital Bern, Hirslanden AG (2009-13)
  • Head physician anaesthesiology, Münsingen Hospital, Insel Gruppe AG Bern (2014-19)

Founder and director of the RemiPCA SAFE Network© since 2009

Vice President SAOA - Swiss Association of Obstetric Anaesthetists since 2009

Managing Director of Condesys Consulting GmbH, development of medical organizational consulting and quality assurance since 2013

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