Customers of Condesys Consulting are public administrations and private companies, in short, all institutions that need smart infrastructure and environmental data management. The broad range of potential applications of «Smart City» data management requires a project-oriented approach. In a one-day assessment, needs and the current situation are established and a rough project plan is outlined.

Our structured, standardized projects enable us to operationally start the "Smart City" data management after a short time: GeoTask 2.0 is an optimized platform that consistently integrates and links the entire relevant virtual data world on the basis of a single data model. GeoTask 2.0 is easy to use. Power users at the customer are able to set up new business cases in GeoTask 2.0 after a short training. The whole environment is maintained by us, with a support hotline.


Where is our infrastructure and environmental data management?

The first step towards a project in the field of infrastructure and environmental data management is a one-day assessment. In a workshop, an actual state analysis is made and the scope of the project is determined. A goal of the project is formulated jointly, and the necessary milestones are sketched out. A first analysis of the respective business cases, the data situation and the relevant data sources is made. At the end of the workshop the participants defined a rough road map. The results are recorded in a document.

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Who shows me the walkthrough to the solution?

The needs of the customers in the infrastructure and environmental data management are usually very different and require an individual procedure within the framework of an implementation project. Due to Condesys Consulting's many years of experience, we have defined a structured, standardized approach that leads to results quickly.

he core of our solution is a model-driven geodatabase architecture: applications are generated directly from the description of data and processes. This enables massive savings in complex information systems, particularly for infrastructure and environmental data management.

Condesys Consulting has 20 years of experience with model-driven geodatabase solutions and has developed a catalog of 15 typical solutions for infrastructure and environmental data management. In the project, we work together with our customers to develop the requirements for the respective solution and to map them to the pre-defined solution patterns. Among other things, the following requirements are covered:

This model-driven approach on the basis of prefabricated solution patterns can save up to 80% of the development costs compared to a traditional individual development.

All data and processes required for the respective solution are depicted on a single, unified data model. Users access the system on the basis of automatically generated, uniform query masks via the Web. In addition, new requirements are very simple and can be mapped without coding and integrated into the system. In a nutshell, Condesys customers not only come quickly and cost-effectively to a solution tailored to their needs - the solution is also open to future requirements.

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Are my infrastructure data safe in the cloud?

The cloud creates many new possibilities, but which are meaningful and secure in the long term? Condesys Consulting has been running Internet solutions for public and private institutions for almost 20 years. Data protection and data security are an integral part of our web hosting offer.

With the hosting package for the GeoTask™ system, including the geodatabase, your own web address, SSL certificate for encrypted data traffic, as well as fine granular user authorization, our customers are ready to start secure data collection and data handling beyond organizational boundaries within a few days.

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Know-how Development

How do our employees become successful?

Solutions based on GeoTask 2.0 can be used quickly and intuitively for users. As a rule, users are already involved in the project phase so that their needs can be accurately represented. As a result, usually only an introduction of half a day is necessary.

Power users should be able to map new needs into GeoTask 2.0. An training of two days is planned for this.

For data integration, ETL (extract - transform - load) and consolidation of data, we offer courses of FME at all knowledge levels. As a co-developer of the FME API, we know this universal data transformation tool right down to the core. So no questions remain unanswered.

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How do we create continuous benefits?

GeoTask 2.0 solutions are extremely robust and low-maintenance. If, however, something does not work or questions arise, it is important to be able to quickly fall back on competent experts. To this end, the customers of Condesys Consulting have their individualized support package specific to their requirements.

To ensure that support cases do not escalate at all, our support packages contain regular meetings with our customers for operation, maintenance and new requirements - the regular health check for a sustainable use and further development of your «Smart City» data management system.



What next?

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