BryteCube by Condesys Consulting

Report on the anniversary event 25 years of geodatabases according to OpenGIS® of June 7, 2023.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the first implementation of the OpenGIS standard for geodatabases, Dr. Martin Huber, Managing Director of Condesys Consulting, organized an online event attended by esteemed guests and industry experts.


Dr. Nadine Alameh, the president of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), congratulated the achievement via E-Mail and praised the progress made in geographic information technology over the past 25 years. Prof. Josef Strobl, the founder of the UNIGIS curriculum, recognized Martin Huber's invaluable contributions to GIS education and his work on OpenGIS, geodatabases, and GIS interoperability.

Innovations in the white spots of the digital world map

Dr. Huber shared his personal journey, extending the frontiers of GIS technology, for example during his time at IBM and his research in dynamic spatial modeling at various universities. This led to the development of the "GeoTask Server" 25 years ago and the establishment of GeoTask AG and later Condesys Consulting GmbH. Through these ventures, innovative GIS 4.0 applications were created, seamlessly integrating geospatial data processing with standard IT systems for efficient asset lifecycle and environmental management.

The development of BryteCube, a no-code platform for comprehensive space-time data management, was a significant outcome of Dr. Huber's journey. BryteCube reduces the need for complex coding, empowering individuals and organizations to quickly bring their ideas to life. This disruptive technology enables a greater focus on addressing real-world challenges and achieves meaningful impact in less time.

No-code platform BryteCube with space and time data in practice

Since 2018, notable customers, including infrastructure operators and environmental agencies, have embraced BryteCube, leveraging its capabilities to effortlessly create process-supporting web GIS database applications. Examples of successful solutions implemented with BryteCube were presented by

  • Andreas Noack, Greenspaces City of Zurich:
    Geodata Management Service GeMSe for the Management of Green Space in the City of Zurich
  • Walter Gisler, Office for National Roads Operation (AfBN), Canton of Uri:
    BryteCube at AfBN for operation and maintenance of the Gotthard national roads
  • Dr. Martin Huber for the Office of Environment and Energy, Canton of Basel-City:
    BryteCube in the enforcement of environmental protection legislation
  • Martin Geilhausen, Office for Nature and Environment, Canton of Grisons:
    Application procedure with geodata collection in two languages, online in 10 days

Launch of the national coordination platform

The event concluded with the launch of, a nationwide planning and construction coordination platform. Since June 2000, the City of Bern has successfully used their online application, "Coordination in Public Space," to foster collaboration among various stakeholders and achieved substantial savings. Now, Condesys Consulting extends this platform to the entire country, allowing utilities, engineering offices, and authorities to share and exchange projects and promote cost-efficient planning, coordination, construction and maintenance in cities and rural areas alike.

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