GeoTask™ System for Energy Transition and Environmental Planning, EIA

"Smart" into the Future through "Smart" Use of Data

The energy transition includes measures to reduce energy consumption and develop alternative energy sources.
The GeoTask™ System helps in both cases, because large quantities of spatial and temporal data always have to be collected and evaluated in a structured manner.

Urban Energy Planning down to the House Level

Wouldn't it be ideal to channel surplus heat from waste incineration precisely into those quarters where there are still many old oil-fired heating systems?
The information required for this can be compiled and provided in the GeoTask™ System for each street and each house.
By precisely matching district heating supply and demand, investments in energy transition will pay for themselves much more quickly.

Alternative Energy Potentials

Alternative sources of energy are highly dependent on place and time.
With its unique data structure for space and time information, the GeoTask™ System is ideal for systematically collecting and evaluating all relevant data.
We ven provide solutions to calculate the optimal positioning of solar panels on all roofs of a city.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental impact assessments (EIA) are required for wind generators and hydroelectric power plants.
The GeoTaskā„¢ system helps keep the costs for the EIA under control.
This is because all the data collected over the long periods of an EIA can be called up at any time without any questions of interpretation and evaluated in context.

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