GeoTask™ System for Planning and Construction Coordination

Efficiency is a Question of the Cooperation Culture

«Coordination in Public Space» has brought about a profound and lasting improvement in the planning and building culture of the Swiss capital.
Transparent online collaboration, including electronic consultation with the around 40 participants, creates planning security.

"Smart" and cost-saving

All those involved know what, when, and where will be realized - often 10 years in advance.
Diversion routes with building bans prevent traffic chaos even on large construction sites.
The unnecessary nuisance to residents and traffic is a thing of the past.
With the «Coordination in Public Space» application on the GeoTask™ System, the City of Bern saves 10% of construction costs.
This means that the GeoTask™ System pays for itself in just a few months.

Substantial Improvements in Your City as well

If you too would like to make transparent progress in your city together with the planners, transport, utilities and green space operators, as well as with the population and industry, then do as the City of Bern does.
Collect and coordinate all projects with the award-winning web application on the GeoTask™ System.
The system costs will be amortized in a few months through the savings in construction costs alone.

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