GeoTask System

The «All in One» Data Management Solution

GeoTask System 2.0 is based on a model-driven geodatabase architecture and 15 prefabricated, best-practice solution patterns. From the description of data and processes, applications are generated directly. This means that if the project phase has been completed successfully with the collection of the data and processes, the smart city management can be started at the push of a button. No lengthy, error-prone coding is necessary.

The core of Condesys' solution design is an asset lifecycle management system that provides information on all infrastructure and environmental objects such as roads, lighting, parks, trees, drainage, public transport facilities and telecommunication networks in the planning, implementation and operating phases. Of course, all objects have a geographic location; or even multiple-geometries for mobile objects or for historization. A flexible measurement data module is available for properties that change over time. Thus, no observation or measurement is lost and can be quickly found and evaluated at any time.

As a rule, systems and solutions on the GeoTask System 2.0 are set up five times faster than comparable geographic web database applications. Customers save 80% of the time and are productive with smart city management in a few days to weeks. Data management, web services and web applications are configured and generated via a simple Web administration interface. It is therefore not necessary to program anything, no database structures, no Web services and no Web applications.

The Web GIS database application you defined is generated at the click of a button. Using Web services, you can upload existing object and measurement data. Afterwards, all functions are available, so that the authorized persons can edit, analyze and visualize their data.

GeoTask 2.0 can be implemented "on premise" or be obtained as "Sofware as a Service" from Condesys.



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